Frequently Asked Questions


Are your shirts sim fit?

All our shirts have a slimmer tailored fit. They are not a super tight fit.

Do you do a regular fit?

We do a regular fit in basic shirts only. From time to time we are out of stock on these.

Do you do extra length sleeves?

No, if this is something you require, please contact us for custom tailoring [email protected]

Do you do extra body length shirts?

No, if this is something you require, please contact us for custom tailoring [email protected]

Are your shirts 100% cotton?

Unless otherwise stated all our shirts are made from 100% natural fabrics, the majority are made from cotton, however, we also make cotton linen blends, and 100% linen. Only our Traveler range of shirts is cotton rich.

Do your shirts have removeable collar bones?

No, we manufacture our formal shirts with a non-removable collar bone. This is safe to iron, and will keep your shirt collar stiff for a long time.

Why do shirts crease?

Natural fabrics like cotton and linen tend to crease more than man made fabrics. This is usually seen as a sign of quality. If the creasing is an issue, we suggest going with the Traveller range, or look out for other easy-care shirts (These are cotton shirts that have been treated to lesson creasing).


What are your ties made from?

The majority of our ties are made from microfiber. This is a very fine weave polyester which can achieve detail and brightness better than silk. It is also durable.

We do also manufacture ties in both silk and cotton.

Can you machine wash your ties?

You can machine wash with cold water, however, dry cleaning is recommended. The lining of the tie can form a twist on drying, which is sometimes hard to remove.


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping to any address in South Africa for orders above R200.


Do you ship outside of South Africa?

Currently we are shipping to all addresses within South Africa only, however, we will open up to world-wide shipping soon!


Do you guarantee your products?

All our products can with a standard 30 day guarantee. If however a defect occurs after the 30 days, we will assess on an individual basis. We manufacture our shirts to high quality standards, and if cared for, should last you a long time.