Thomas came from Scotland, Bennaud from France to find their pot of gold. They came as
prospectors but their prospects in that field left them pretty hungry. “Benno” was a shirt maker
back in Marseilles, Thomas a trader back in Glasgow. Benno set up in a backwater, making his
shirts to make ends meet, and together they made a good living, till the gold began to flow…
We came across this fantastic old shirt…. Still intact, beautifully turned and stitched… and
were told the story of Thomas and Benno, and the shirt… The beginnings of Thomas and
Benno as it is today, a handmade precision.


Thomas & Benno understands that one of the main components of an exquisite shirt is a superior fabric. Therefore we go to great lengths in sourcing the best materials for our shirts. Only pure cotton is used due to its natural attributes. Furthermore, Thomas & Benno favors yarn-dyed fabrics; the yarn is first dyed and then woven to the desired fabric design. Our two fold cotton shirting is woven from yarn where the threads are first double-spun and then woven into cloth state. The texture of twofold cloth is smooth and luxurious. Our premium yarn cloth is woven from quality cottons and has a special enzyme-treated finish.